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Shenzhen Easton Technology Co., Ltd.

Individually addressable RGB LED tapes, LED pixel nodes, LED matrix displays, DMX/RGB controllers

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    Shangpai Industrial Zone, Shiyan Town, Bao'an, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Direct-view RGB Smart LED Pixel Nodes | Programmable LED Pixel Dots
The TS-45-6ICRGB DMX controllable dome modules from Easton Technology are designed for pixel displays, media facades, signage, or any other pixel mapping project requiring affordable, functional and programmable lighting nodes. The LED pixel light incorporates red, green and blue diodes behind an opal dome-shaped diffuser and offers an exciting new array of lighting possibilities. Designed for bot
12V RGB Smart LED Pixel Dome Modules
The TS-359 LED modules from Easton Technology are digitally controllable RGB pixels encased in weatherproof dome PVC covers. The full color pixels are designed to be used in the facade, landscape, retail display, advertisement sign, signage, and stage lighting. With integrated control circuitry that provides individual addressability, these versatile modules offer a full range of vibrant hues with
Smart RGB LED Bullet Pixels | Individually Controllable Full Color LED String Lights
Easton Technology TS-12-6803 RGB LED bullet pixels are full-color LED nodes that can be individually controlled for a variety of effects. This series uses SM16716 or LPD6803 LED modules that combine control ICs and RGB LEDs into smart pixel nodes. Each LED module consists of three channels - red, green and blue, which can mix up to 16.7 million colors. The red, green and blue light emitting diodes
12V Programmable RGB LED Pixel Nodes for Amusement Rides, Theme Parks, Storefronts, Stages
Easton Technology TS-383 LED modules are direct-view pixel lights designed for a broad range of lighting and media applications such as media facades, stage designs, theme parks, low-density video displays and environmental graphics. The flat lensed RGB LED nodes are capable of delivering precisely mixed dots of light across a variety of installation. This RGB LED package offers a practical, affor
5V Square Digital RGB LED Pixel Lights | Full Color Smart Pixel Nodes
Easton Technology TS-2618-1903 flat square RGB pixels are weatherproof and rugged LED lighting nodes that enable lighting designers and architects to create visual impact with sophisticated lighting control. The LED pixels are comprised of RGB LEDs and control circuitry which combine to deliver digitally controllable RGB color mixing. The scalable string systems are designed to accommodate both sm
Flexible RGB LED Matrices | Dot Matrix LED Displays
This flexible RGB LED matrix panel from Easton Technology offers complete display uniformity and color quality over their lifetime with proven reliability. Available in 8x8, 16x16, and 8x32 matrices, Thornsun dot-matrix panels offer a versatile choice for impactful and engaging digital displays that can be used to prominently display animations, colorful graphics, and text messages. The LED matrix
5050 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights | Waterproof Color Changing RGB+White LED Tapes
Easton Technology TS-10060-RGBW flexible LED strip lights are indispensable for applications requiring a brilliant spectrum of saturated colors as well as high-quality white light. With integrated 4-channel light sources, this line of products unlocks unlimited color possibilities while delivering white light with improved tones and intensity that are not possible with conventional RGB systems. Th
SK6812 Individually Addressable Flexible LED Strips | Waterproof SMD5050 RGBW Digital LED Ribbons
Easton Technology TS-SK6812 digital LED strip lights pack a powerful punch in a small footprint for an intelligent RGBW lighting solution geared toward architectural, residential, commercial, decorative and signage lighting applications. These flexible RGBW LED strips are equipped with SK6812 individually addressable LED modules in densities of 30, 60 and 144 LEDs per meter, with each pulling 9, 1